Vegan Menu

Fricassee au champignons g.f 8.95

​Mushrooms cooked in white wine 

Finished with  white truffle oil 

​Served with sourdough bread

Chaussant 7.95

Enjoy the flavors of the Mediterranean

Simple and delicious

Sweet potatoes wedges 6.95 G.F

Homemade potatoe wedges

Served with side salad and dips

Moroccan penne 8.95 G.F

Delicious Moroccan pasta

Made with confi of tomatoes

Herbs , saffron 

Topped flat bread 8.95

Homemade flat bread topped with

Hummus sun-dried tomatoes

Vegan pesto artichoke roasted peppers 

Butternut squash  drizzle of olive oil

Vegan salad G.F.  8.95

Roasted butternut squash,heritage tomatoes,

Steamed artichoke, mix toasted seed 

​Dress with tahini and olive oil